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 After being furloughed from my corporate job in recruiting due to the pandemic, with a lot of spare time on my hands and the mask mandate looming. I decided to pull out my sewing machine and return to a passion from the past. I made a couple of masks for my family and friends, which quickly expanded into making matching head wraps and scarves. My mother Munah saw my efforts and graciously gifted me a box full of fabric to explore my designs (I think I made everything that a body can wear with that fabric). Little did I know, that box of fabric my mom gave me would birth my African-inspired Accessories line I named Munah’s African Accessories where we offered custom African Accessories and spiritual-driven waist beads. (I was only “supposed” to make accessories… I thought). She is a healthcare worker so of course, I made her a bunch of scrub caps with matching masks and tote bags to match her scrubs, which her co-workers loved and became patrons. By the power of social media and posting my designs and exploration in designing apparel word got out and I began to get clients. Working in recruitment and staffing for the past 10 years before being furloughed, some of those very clients I had provided job counseling and employment to in the past . Those clients told their friends and family which challenged me to continue to grow and perfect my craft. As I grew I expanded from instant messenger and PayPal I made an account on Etsy, to expand my reach. Several masks, head wraps, and custom apparel designs later, I was approached and commissioned to make a custom mermaid-style gown by a complete stranger who saw my pics online in a black girls craft group and Munah by Priscilla came to be!


I’ve been working hard to bring my creative voice to life through my  collections. I truly believe that a Fashion Designer must always look to the future and design with modern trends in mind, but also develop upon the styles of the past..... 

Traditional yet we go against the grain............Respectfully 

xoxo #KenteFashionKilla  Priscilla!! 

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