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 A Jeremiah 29: 11 Story!


The year was  1997 Naomi was on the cover of Vogue and I just knew the world was pure! Westwood Jr High , Richardson Tx. 7th grade home economics class. We mastered the art of cooking and baking and moved on to sewing.  I was pumped and super excited. We learned   sewing machine safety and were tasked with making a pair of pajama pants! Like a moth to a flame I was all in!    I marvelled at my creation and wore those pajama pants everywhere. Word got out and I began to get volunteers. A girl just wanted to be creative and sew! I did not sew again until 2012 !


Life happened and despite my circumstances I landed a job with the state Unemployment office. Working a state job in corporate America as an employment specialist providing counseling to individuals on unemployment means you have to look the part!  Even though I had an aesthetically pleasing job  the pay was not so pleasing. I had to be creative as a young mother with at the time 2 kids, times were hard!  I would go to the thrift store and remix the life out of those garments and make them my own. Removing  sleeves here, adding    a collar there . A girl had to make it work.    I met a guy who was into style and fashion and for some reason I convinced myself  that    it would make me look crazy if he knew I sewed my own clothes  (the lies we tell ourselves). I did not sew again until 2019!


After being furloughed from my corporate job in recruiting due to the pandemic, with a lot of spare time on my hands and the mask mandate looming. I decided to pull out my sewing machine and return to a passion from the past. I made a couple of masks for my family and friends, which quickly expanded into making matching head wraps and scarves. My mother Munah saw my efforts and graciously gifted me a box full of fabric to explore my designs (I think I made everything that a body can wear with that fabric). Little did I know, that box of fabric my mom gave me would birth my African-inspired Accessories line I named Munah’s African Accessories where we offered custom African Accessories and spiritual-driven waist beads. (I was only “supposed” to make accessories… I thought). My mother is a healthcare worker so of course, I made her a bunch of scrub caps with matching masks and tote bags to match her scrubs, which her co-workers loved and became patrons. By the power of social media and posting my designs  word got out and I began to get clients. Working in recruitment and staffing for the past 10 years before being furloughed, some of those very clients I provided job counseling and employment opportunities to  become my 1st clients. As I grew I expanded from instant messenger and PayPal &  I made an account on Etsy, to expand my reach. Several masks, head wraps, and custom apparel designs later, I was approached and commissioned to make a custom mermaid-style gown by a complete stranger who saw my pics online in a black girls craft group and Munah by Priscilla came to be!

 Won't he do it!  The plan was always predestined and mapped out.

The plans he has for  you are beyond  your wildest dreams!

we are in year 2 of business and I continue to challenge myself, learn and  know that his timing surpasses all  understanding ! #hellosomebody   

Traditional yet we go against the grain............Respectfully 

xoxo #KenteKilla  Priscilla!! 

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