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The Full Story

Munah started in the middle off the Pandemic amongst chaos and a dream. Munah translates " one who is favored by destiny; God" in my language and is my mother's tribal name. We are of African descent from a country full of diamonds Freetown Sierra Leone.  My parents migrated to the US over 40 years ago amongst chaos and a dream. My fashion influence and creative voice is a direct reflection of my ancestors, my parents and culture with a heavy urban punk influence; ya girl is a non neuro 'typical' individual so bold colors and prints excite me. I came up in far north Dallas Tx.  in the mid 90's when urban pop culture was at its peak. You combine all that with my African Heritage and you have Munah.   I'd like to think of myself has a designer who pushes afro punk style boundaries and reimagines tribal wear from my POV.  



I went to a spiritual retreat around the time the quarantine lifted where we wrote down our mission our "why" for our life our dreams, businesses. I thought on it, said a silent prayer and wrote my why. I had no idea he was going to have us read them out one another with our voices ... yikes. Once it was my go, I said 1 more prayer and read aloud with my whole chest "to encourage, inspire and be a millionaire." That has remained the premise for Munah Fashion House since inception. I hope to be a source of inspiration to the models I work with and just to anyone who needs it.  To make bold moves and find the light in your dreams amongst chaos.... honor and manifest your dreams (and those millions). Stay Rich in Christ's blessings, health, love and gratitude the milli will come.... 


 The big picture the end game is TV and Film Wardrobe design. I have a very vivid imagination all my pieces are a part of a story line that I thought through to fruition. I would love to share that with the world via film.  Being part of a production, illustrating each scene by scene to piece together a story. Make sense of it all....... a vision based on a script.  

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